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Long story short: business owners come to me when they’re ready for their next level.

Instead of letting those dreams die before they even see the light of day, I’m here to help you tap into your zone of genius and turn them into profit-generating offers supported by strategic design. By offering the full spectrum of services–strategy, design, and development–I’m able to see my clients through from their lightbulb moment to their sold out launch.

Let’s be real–you’ve got ideas, ambitions, and plans bigger than you could ever achieve on your own.

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Keep my 13+ years of branding, design, and marketing experience in your back pocket while we strategize and plan your next high-value offer. This 90 min strategy intensive looks specifically at your audience, your brand, and your goals to help you develop your signature offer, membership, or product that your audience simply can’t resist.

Spark Intensive

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Give your business the digital presence that it deserves, with a custom brand and template-based website tailored to your needs and ready to launch in five days or less. I know you cringe a little every time a potential client reaches out through your website. What if you were proud to showcase your business’ digital homebase instead? Without the lengthy timeline or lofty price tag.

Brand + Website in a Week

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Turn your latest shower thought into a sold-out offer with a sales page designed to emphasize your expertise and sell your services. You could take the DIY route with your next sales page, but you’ll be missing out on optimization, conversion, and most important: money, honey. Let me step in and make profiting from your newest offer easier than ever.

Sales Page VIP Day

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That’s what this southern belle does best. It’s not just my business’ purpose to help women build a successful business that they’re proud to show off. It’s my God-given purpose. I know, deep in my soul, that I was born to help other women succeed.

Over 13 years ago, I unintentionally ventured into business by opening an online boutique. But soon realized that the only parts I enjoyed were marketing, graphic design, and developing growth strategies.

I quickly quit that business (to the surprise of absolutely no one) and have been on a wild ride of helping female entrepreneurs turn their expertise into irresistible offers, and their businesses into brands that stand out in even the most “saturated” markets.

I know firsthand what it’s like to be a woman in business and have everyone asking you how your “little business” is going (please, can we officially stop asking that?) That’s why I help women make big waves in their industry and take the haters from “How’s that little business of yours?” to “Wait a second… Are you hiring?”

Meet Christy Jo Lightfoot

Helping small business owners achieve Texas-sized success.

Christina Scalera

We love our new sales page! It was so creative and bright-- a nice departure from our usual bright pages that are attention grabbing, but not always the easiest to read when someone is making an important buying decision.

Sunny Moore

Christy is amazing to work with, and is so accommodating to all of our needs! We absolutely love working with her! She’s given me so much useful information, and I know my growth would not be possible without her.

Heather Prichard

Christy’s creativity and professionalism is unparalleled to any other in West Texas. Whatever you are needing to launch or rebrand your business, Christy will be able to help you achieve your goals.

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