You've only got three seconds

to catch their attention!

Did you know...

What your sales page is missing could potentially be the key in hitting your sales goals (hello, more profits!).

The thing is most people (especially DIY’ers) aren’t always too sure what those missing pieces are.

My Sales Page Audit will help you identify any problems your sales page may be missing so that you can make the necessary changes and make your offer a HECK YES.

With my Sales Page Audit, I’ll go through your entire page and offer any changes or ideas that you can make in copy, layout, and/or design.

I’ll video everything so that you can see what I am viewing right along with me. You’ll not only get to follow along with me, you’ll get a complete report on what my suggestions are.

You'll also get my Sales Page outline e-book as a BONUS so that you can know the exact layout I use to create my own sales pages (and clients, too)!

That’s why I created the Sales Page Audit!

What it includes:

Overall Sales Page review throughout the video

Google PDF that outlines changes so you don't have to make notes when listening to your video

Lifetime private access to your video

Bonus: Sales Page Outline pdf

20-30 minute video review of your Sales Page

Any recommendations for changes to the layout, headlines, photos, etc

Any copy tips so your client thinks you're talking specifically to them

Any design and branding recommendations to make your page POP

Christina S.

We love our new sales page! It was so creative and bright-- a nice departure from our usual bright pages that are attention grabbing, but not always the easiest to read when someone is making an important buying decision.

Sunny Moore

Christy is amazing to work with, and is so accommodating to all of our needs! We absolutely love working with her!

Love Notes

Purchase your Sales Page Audit

You'll receive a questionnaire after purchase so I can learn all about your offer + your customer

You can expect to receive your review within 2-3 business days

You'll get a link to your video with lifetime access


how it works:

Everything you need to improve your sales page design, offer, and layout so that it stands out and encourages more people to purchase!

After your review you'll have:

For a limited time only $97, Regular $197

As you know, building a business is not always easy! You’ve got a million things to do between responding to emails, posting on social media, trying to increase your reach, and girl...have you even eaten anything today??

Not only do you not have time to devote to analyzing your sales page but, you also might not be an expert at design! You might not even be aware of the common mistakes that lead people to click away in those short 3 seconds. That’s why I’m here! I’ve been building brands and websites since 2011.

I have learned so much about sales pages + how to outline your sales page so that people want to buy! You’d be surprised how some of the slightest changes can make a difference in someone buying your offer with excitement and staying on your site longer than 7 seconds.

I have helped women create some amazing brands and websites but, I've also helped them create amazing and successful sales pages. Membership sites, sales pages for services, and course sales pages for their amazing offers.

The tips I’ve learned have helped my clients skyrocket their email list (and hey, that’s pretty important too especially before you launch your offers), have helped them increase their sales, and land on the second page of google in a sea of competition (we're working on getting on that first page)! I can help you do the same!

Whether you DIY'd this project or not...that doesn't always mean it's selling. That extra set of eyes can make all the difference. We tend to look at our own businesses with Rose colored glasses. I’ll take the glasses off and give you the cold hard truth about what needs to be changed. So that you can implement them + start seeing a difference.

Why you need a Sales Page Audit

Your Investment

Yes, I'm ready to hook them in! Audit my sales page.


Currently, I only work with ShowIt web platform. If you have showit, you can purchase a 24hr Sales Page design day and your audit price can be deducted from the cost of your design day.

What if I realize I want a custom sales page designed?

That is okay! I'll still the need the link or the login to your website so that I can view the page if it's not yet live. Getting an audit before launch can help as well so that you launch with confidence! Just make sure everything is complete before booking.

What if I haven't launched my page yet?

Any type of page that has a payment button. It doesn't have to be for a course or membership. It could be for a 1:1 service, design, or any type of page that you are selling something on.

What type of sales pages can you audit?

Income Disclaimer: Designing or auditing your sales page does not guarantee sales or increased conversions. Your audience, where you promote your offer, and other factors can attribute to the success or failure of an offer/sales page as well! 

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