I love waiting...said no one ever!
Now you don't have to...we'll get'er done (as we say here in the South) in one very productive week!

done in a week

done in a week

With over 10 years of design and brand experience, I know how to strategically build a brand that stands out, a website that converts, and a sales page that actually sells

I know what you're thinking and yes, it is possible to get it done in one very productive week (less than week, really because this outfit is close on Fridays).

book your week

Ready to book your very own VIP week?

Custom Brand + Brand Guide (moodboard + colors included)

Template based Showit website with 3-5 pages

Showit Sales Page (thank you page included at no extra cost)

Shopify website (template based)

Complete sales funnel set up and design

Choose from:

Please note we only take on websites that have a complete professional brand or one that we created!

Hiring a designer can be exhausting, I get it!

The back and forth of emails, trying to approve every little thing (even though you're not a design expert and neither is your BFF that you run all your approvals by).

Don't wait 3-5 months to get on a designers schedule when you're ready NOW!

No waiting, no back and forth!

And also no pants required...in case that's a make or break for you like it is for me!

You might be thinking...why not the ever popular design in day?

I love VIP Days but often, they can feel very rushed. Plus, my clients usually come to me needing a website, sales page, or a brand. VIP days are usually reserved for mini brands or small rebrands.

With a VIP Week we get to focus on your project without rushing through it just to get it done in 6-8 hours. Plus, you get more out of your project since most people end up needing more than one VIP day to complete their sales page, full branding, or complete a new website.

I've been a graphic and web designer for over 10 years now and have also spent the last 5 years creating courses, products, offers, and funnels

I absolutely have a passion for helping women build gorgeous brands and seeing those out in the real world! I understand the importance of standing out from her herd in todays busy online world.

I'll use my experience to make sure you're VIP Week is successful and you are in love with the results.


I'm Christy Jo

Julie Ziglar-Norman

You have created exactly what I wanted. You were right when you said I would know when it was the one. This is it. I love what you have done for us. 

Natalie Cargile

I cannot express enough how fantastic everything is. I’m OBSESSED with my brand for the first time ever!

Misti Wigley

I have worked with you for over 10 years. I give you a thought and you run with it. We brand and sometimes re-brand or update and your work always has my style incorporated perfectly.

Love Notes

Schedule your Week (you'll choose the Tuesday of the week you prefer

Make your 50% payment (the rest due when your project starts)

Fill out the project questionnaire so I know what we're working on

All content , graphics, copy, and/or photos needed due the Sunday prior to your project

On Monday I'll make sure I have everything I need for your project and review your documents, moodboard, etc.

Tuesday-Wednesday I'll dive into your project and you'll have one revision once I send over for approval

Thursday your project is finalized and all files are delivered or you're set to launch

how it works

book your vip week

Why is Friday not include or why don't you just do a VIP Day?

Do I get to make a lot of changes

What if I need more than one week (or less)?

Do I need to be around on our VIP Week?

Yes! Don't choose the week you're on vacation. I'll check in with updates and depending on the project may need approval before moving on to the next step. It's also good to be around in case any questions or issues arise throughout our week that keep me from moving forward.

If you aren't sure what kind of package you need, reach out and contact me! I do have full branding and web packages as well as design hours for previous clients. If I can't help you or don't work with your website platform, I can refer you to one of the amazing competitors that I've gotten to know after 10+ years in the design world.

Short answer, no! None of my design offers allow for a ton of changes but I do a lot of pre-work so I am prepared before your project week even starts. This is truly for those that are ready to put their trust in me as a design expert to not only give you something you'll love but also something that gets results without waiting months on end.

My office hours are Monday through Thursday, so I don't work Fridays on any client projects.
While I do love VIP Days, often those are very rushed, especially towards the last few hours of the day. This allows for us to get everything you need without a huge rush or you not being happy with your project outcome.


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