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Websites aren’t just a pretty storefront for your business, serving as a place for potential clients and customers to find out more about you and your offers. They’re the key to building a sustainable, scalable, highly profitable business that actually gives you the time and financial freedom that had you leaving your 9-5 in the dust in the first place.

But in order for your brand and website to become your business’ best salesperson, you need strategic design that makes buying from your business a complete no brainer.


And I’ll make it the prettiest, most strategic, sales-oriented website you've ever seen.

Good news–I’ll get ‘er done (as we say in the south) in less than five days, for way less than five-figures.

“I love spending $10k+ on a brand and website that takes months to build.” said no one ever.

Website in a Week is a strategic, customized brand and web design service that provides you with a stunning website that’s built to sell. Simple as that.

Getting your work out into the world has been difficult, to say the least. But get off at the next stop, because the struggle bus stops here.

  • Using a template that promised conversion but delivered confusion instead.

  • Attempting to DIY your website, only to end up with a site that you wouldn’t subject your worst enemy to.

  • Outsourcing to your mom’s best friend’s cousin’s nephew, who hands you a final product that looks like it was designed in Microsoft Paint.

  • Ultimately giving up and accepting that you’ll always be just a *little bit* embarrassed every time a potential client or customer finds you through your website.

At this point, you’ve tried it all:

You deserve a website that you’re obsessed with, and a stunning brand to boot.

One that captivates clients effortlessly and stands out boldly in today’s overcrowded online world.

If you thought spring break was fun, just wait until you spend a week with me.

Schedule your Website Week (we’ll start on the Monday of your preferred week)

Choose your payment plan, keeping in mind that your full payment is due by the start of your chosen week.

Select which template you’d like to use as the base for your new site (don’t worry, I’ll gussy it up so good you won’t even recognize it by the time I’m finished).

Fill out the in-depth brand questionnaire to help me get a granular understanding of you, your brand, your goals, and your vision.

Drop all of the required content, copy, and images in your client portal by the Friday prior to your start date (don’t worry, I’ll let you know exactly what you need and help you out if you’re struggling).

We meet on Monday to kick off your week.

By Friday, you have a finished brand and website (complete with SEO, mobile optimization, and so much more), ready to share with the world!

Brace yourself for the influx of leads.

Here's how it works:

let's spend the week together!

Julie Ziglar-Norman

You have created exactly what I wanted. You were right when you said I would know when it was the one. This is it. I love what you have done for us. 

Natalie Cargile

I cannot express enough how fantastic everything is. I’m OBSESSED with my brand for the first time ever!

Emily + Stacy

Christy Jo is hands down amazing to work with. She sincerely takes into account your wants and needs for your business. We are so thankful for her and how she helped us grow and be more confident with our brand and website!

Paige Jordan

I love it!! Can’t wait to put it to work. You were a complete professional and went above and beyond!

In my 13+ years of being a designer and entrepreneur, I’ve seen it all (the good, the bad, and the mediocre). This, plus having my cowgirl boots on the ground in countless businesses, has taught me exactly what it takes to strategize and implement brands that audiences eat up.

When I say I’m passionate about helping women craft brands and build offers that sell like hotcakes, I’m not just talking about your everyday passion—it's an all-consuming, burning desire. But not everyone has the time, energy, or money to dedicate to full-scale, multi-month brand and website builds. Can’t say I blame ya, especially when you can work with me and get a brand and semi-custom website built especially for you in just one week.

Booking your Website in a Week is like pressing “fast-forward” on all the growing pains that come with scaling a successful business–you get the strategy and eye-catching visuals without having to dedicate months of your time and even more of your energy.

It’s high-end without the high budget. What could be better than that?

By the way, I'm Christy Jo

A down-south gal with a Texas-sized love for helping you harness your expertise and use it to make money, honey.

If you’re ready to elevate and emphasize your authority, attract the high-paying clients you’ve been dreaming about, and do it all without adding anything else to your never-ending to-do list… you’re ready for Website in a Week.

one week turnaround

Showit Site

What it includes:

Moodboard w/ color palette, text-based logo (2 variations), custom font recommendations, and a mini brand guide.

All the goods to get started: Copy prompt workbook, Checklist, + Resource Guide.

5 Page Site to include pages such as home, about, services, one sales page, etc. (Contact, links, legal, + optin are always included)

Includes a Website Template from the CJL Shop or one from our recommended shops.


What it includes:

Includes a Website Template from the CJL Shop or one from our recommended shops.

All the goods to get started: Copy prompt workbook, Checklist, + Resource Guide.

Moodboard w/ color palette, text-based logo w 3 variations, custom font recommendations, and a mini brand guide.

8-10 Page Site to include pages such as home, about, services, up to 3 sales pages, etc. (Contact, links, legal, + optin are always included)

Apply Here


two week turnaround

Showit Site Plus+


Choose your Package

My Showit Site Plus package includes 8-10 website pages with a week added to the timeline! If you have any questions about which package is the best fit for your business or you need alot more, please reach out to hello@christyjolightfoot.com FMI.

Q: How far in advance should I book my VIP Week?

ASAP! As soon as you know you want to work with me, I’d recommend getting in touch to book your project. I do an extremely limited amount of Website in a Week projects per year, and they can get booked quickly. You'll also want to consider your payment plan, as all payments for Website in a Week are due at time of completion.

Q: How far in advance should I book my VIP Week?

Your VIP Week kicks off on Monday with a check to go over the details of your business and brand. Then, I will spend Tuesday thru Thursday designing your brand and website, sending over each step once completed for approval to move on to the next step. On Friday you should have all of your files and be ready to launch pending any final revisions.

Q: What is the schedule of my VIP week?

I send over the home page for approval and then create the remaining pages, once complete you can submit revisions and then you will have 1 week to submit any final revisions once we complete your site. You receive tutorial videos and I'm always here for support should you have any issues or questions. Showit also has a great support for those tech issues, should they arise.

Q: What follow up support do you provide?

I design in Showit, which is a user-friendly, drag-and-drop website builder that’s easy for my clients to maintain on their own after their site has launched. I also include tutorial videos with your launch.

Q: What platform do you design for?