I'm Christy Jo

I'm here to help you build your dream business!

My mission is to help business owners, just like yourself, build a successful business. One that you can be proud of

I’ll take my Texas-sized strategies and teach them to you.

I’ve been building my own Unicorn dream business for over 10 years now and I’ve learned a lot, I’ve made a lot of mistakes too.

Nice to meet you!

Now, 10 years in to entrepreneurship, I’ve supported hundreds of women in building their businesses.

 I know that the internet is a crazy place with so much information that you can easily end up overwhelmed which is why I’ve created a few different options for you to get the support you need.

I believe that you can grow a business that you love.

How am I so sure? Because I’ve done it myself.
Now, business is boomin’ and I want yours to be too!

Hey there, dreamer.  Yeah, I see you.
You’ve got BIG dreams, a deep passion, and a desire for MORE in your life.

And, because you’re an action taker, you’ve decided to build a business around your genius.
Girl, we’re one in the same.

The problem?

You've been starting at blank screens, you feel like you're struggling, and your online presence is not so present, and you have a bunch of questions but don’t know who the heck to ask!

Hey, that's why I'm here! ;)

Business Breakthroughs!

I'm here to get my hands dirty and get results!

Things I love

Teaching women how to build their dream business.

I'm a sucker for a gorgeous brand!

Talking all things business...or ponies!

Helping you celebrate every win!!

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Ready to build a successful business?

The first step is believing that you can...because you absolutely can!
That deep desire God put in your heart is there for a reason, darlin'.

Kerry P.

Christy is so full of knowledge! I love that she is willing to share her opinion in such a positive and constructive way. I can’t wait for the next one!

Sunny Moore

Our business has continued to steadily grow over the past 4 years with the help of Christy! She’s given me so much useful information, and I know my growth would not be possible without her!

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