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Get clarity and ignite your income!

(without working longer hours)

book my intensive

in only a few short hours!

You feel like you need to sprinkle some magic dust on your business. You're ready to increase your income, create a new offer(s) or course, or perhaps add some passive income.

But you're feeling stuck and don't want to spend the next few weeks (or months) trying to figure it out.

Let’s give overwhelm the boot and get clarity around your business!

It's just a passing thought.

You know what an idea is without a strategy?

(Magic dust not needed)


Get their wholesale business on the first page of google!

Grow their income from 4 to 6 figure months!

Build a high 5-figure sales page!

Create a 6-figure membership with recurring income.

Change up their entire offer suite so they can pursue their dream business.

Build their new business with offers that allow them flexibility + passive income.

And so much more!!!

It can mean the difference between Success or struggling!

With over 10 years experience running my marketing and branding business...
I know how important strategy is!

I've helped other business owners:

I don't always stick my nose into other people's business but when I do, I create strategies that can make them more money!

that want to create an offer suite that really targets their ideal customers.

that want to work less hours but keep income coming in or even increase it.

who are struggling to put their knowledge and expertise into a course, offer, or services.

ready to start building consistent income and/or start growing it without more hustle.

that want to add a passive revenue stream to their product or service based business.

This is for female entrepreneurs

You don't want to spend weeks or months in a course or group (or worse, strugglling on your own)! You are ready to take action now so that you can gain clarity and be ready to start implementing asap!

Your investment


Ready to get clarity and start taking action?

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Kerry P.

Christy is so full of knowledge! I love that she is willing to share her opinion in such a positive and constructive way. I can’t wait for the next one!

Sunny M.

Our business has continued to steadily grow over the past 4 years with the help of Christy! She’s given me so much useful information, and I know my growth would not be possible without her!

Client Love


You can book an intensive and have a plan ready to go in just three short hours!

cross your fingers and wing it...hoping you'll figure it out and maybe you actually can.

spend months taking a course that teaches you all of the strategies you need and then implement them once you've completed it.

You could

Not just any plan, one you have confidence in and built with someone that has the experience.

Make your payment

You'll receive a link to book your call (all payments are due before your call date)

You’ll receive a questionnaire to fill out regarding our call

Once we have our session you'll receive your documents within 24 hours of our call.

Calls must be rescheduled before 24 hours!

How it works!


oh, but...

What if I'm not making much money in my business yet?

Hey, we all start somewhere and I've been there. I wish I would have known then what I know now! Having an intensive can help you skip ahead a few spaces and collect more than $200 when you pass go. ;)

I want to add on services or additional products!

Adding on services and/or products to your business is always fun but can be overwhelming. We can talk about adding in new things and how those will play into your current audience and create that income plan.

I might need more than just an intensive!

I'm happy to help you decide what you need to reach your goals. Please contact me and we can figure out if you need more than an intensive or perhaps just a one hour call.

book my intensive

Let's do this!