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Don’t get me wrong - I’m all about hiring a professional to take care of it and get it off my plate. Sometimes I just need to get something done and to get it done right!

If a sales page isn’t selling, it’s not doing its job and you're not profiting!

What if you could create a profitable sales page without hiring an expensive designer, an expensive copywriter, or waiting weeks (if not months) to get it all done and launched?

No magic involved here! Just a simple framework that WORKS!

Sounds magical doesn't it?

Of course, you want your amazing offer to help people but, if they can’t see the value in it because your sales page is lacking...then you can't help anyone.

Otherwise what’s the use of even creating it?

Here’s the thing...you want {need} your sales page to make you money!

Successful Sales pages is the answer!

Plus, you can use this system over and over again!

That's okay...because it's mine!

You are GOOD at what you do but, sales page design is not your expertise!

But, you didn't spend years learning about sales pages, building them out, and creating successful launches!

You know that in order to sell your offer you need a sales page and that requires hiring out copywriters and designers to make sure it's done right!

There are so many mistakes that DIY'ers make when creating their sales page!

Even if people buy (because they had great experiences in the past) those that are newer to you and your offers might be heistatnt if they don't accuratly understand the value that your amazing new offer brings to the table!

I'm giving away my secrets here but - even this VERY sales page is written and designed in a specific way so that you understand the value, what you're getting, and hopefully are reading through saying "YES! That's me...I need this".

You may also say "Nope! This is not what I need" and that's great too because typically those that ask for refunds or give bad reviews didn't understand what they were getting. You want to repel those that don't want or need this.

Can you imagine creating an amazing sales  page that makes people think:

Oh my goodness, where do I sign up!

It's like she's in my head!

Heck yes, this is exactly what I need!

If the sales page is this great...the course/offer must be great too, right?

The same applies if the sales page is lacking or looks 'homemade'...they will expect your offer will be lacking too.

If you want to create a sales page that successfully sales your offer, you're in the right place!

Create gorgeous Sales Pages that actually SELL your amazing offer!

The four part framework that walks you through creating, designing, and launching a gorgeous and profitable sales page!

The SSP Framework sets you up for the perfect Sales Page layout that will both attract and convert the perfect customers!

Module 1

The strategy behind your sales page can be the difference between crickets or cha-ching! And we all know we'd rather hear those 'cha-chings'.

Module 2

You want your sales page to stand out and be recognizable so we dive into how to brand your sales page/offer. Whether you're going to match your own brand or to give it it's own branding, it'll for sure stand out!

Module 3

Last but certainly not least, you're going to learn how to design a stunning sales page that not only looks good but is made to SELL! No more DIY shame here!

Module 4

What's included:

Here's what you get inside of Successful Sales Pages! 


Canva Mockup Templates

Create gorgeous mockups that show off your awesome product or course!


Sales Page Checklist

The exact checklist I use in my own business to make sure you have everything you need!


Copy that Converts

I'll show you how to use Chat GPT to create the perfect copy that will convert with ease.


Showit Sales Page Template

If you have Showit you can plug and play or use it for inspiration on another platform.

You'll also receive these bonuses...

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Are you ready to create a profitable Sales page?

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Christina S.

We love our new sales page! It was so creative and bright-- a nice departure from our usual bright pages that are attention grabbing, but not always the easiest to read when someone is making an important buying decision.


Create a profitable Sales page that sells your amazing offer with ease!

You're ready to...

You're ready to create your offer for your customers. You know what they want {or need} but, you've got to SELL that offer to them first!

Did you know that your offer is only as good as the sales page that is selling it?

Yikes! No pressure.

Are you ready to make them want MORE?

Did you know?

Experts say you've got three seconds (yes, only 3) to catch a web visitors attention before they click away?

An amazing, successful sales page can mean cha-ching notifications while you're taking a nap, sitting by the beach, or even working on your next offer!


A crappy sales page can mean crappy profits!

Especially knowing that's how you're going to be making money!

Chances are if you're here..it means you're not a professional designer or expert at Sales Pages (lucky for you, I am!).

Creating a sales page can be overwhelming!

I've been a graphic and web designer for over 10 years now and have also spent the last 5 years creating courses, products, offers, and funnels.

I pour not only my own design and launching experience into this course but also my experience from working with other amazing course creators and clients! They have created 6-figure launches and huge memberships.

I can't wait for you to create your own profitable sales pages and share your amazing offers with the world!


I'm Christy Jo Lightfoot


Let's do this!


Are you in?

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Natalie C.

I cannot express enough how fantastic everything is. I’m OBSESSED with my brand for the first time ever!


You've got an offer (or even a service page) that you want to share with the world...you just don't have a sales page for it!

You have a new/offer course that you're wanting to launch quickly (and easily) but you're not ready to hire out a professional designer.

You know just enough to throw up a photo and some text but you're ready to uplevel your sales page game.

You created an offer, built a sales page, and you know deep down your sales page doesn't match your amazing offer!

If any of these are true...

then this is for you!

What if I haven't finished my offer or course yet?

What if I've never created a sales page before?

Do I have to use a certain platform for my sales page?

No, this teaches you how to build a sales page on any platform. While I do include a Showit template, you do not have to use or purchase Showit for htis course. You can simply use the template as a guide. I'll also provide resources for other platforms as well.

I walk you through the exact process I use to create not only my own sales page but my clients' sales pages as well. You can have an amazing offer but, if your audience doesn't understand the amazing offer you have for them, they might not purchase. This course teaches you step by step how to create a sales page that SELLS! You can also use this exact format for offers and service pages.

To be honest, I've actually created some of my sales pages before I've even launched my offer. I've even used my sales page to pre-sell my offer to make sure it was a hit before creating all of that content and then adjusted my sales page as I went in and built out my offer and added anything that I ended up including in my course/offer. A great way to pay for this course before you even finish creating your course! ;)


oh, but...

only $497

Yes, Sign me up!

Are you ready to create a profitable sales page that actually sells your amazing offer?

If you are not satisfied with Successful Sales Pages I will gladly refund your money within 14 days of purchase. All you have to do is fill out a simple form!