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Am I right???

…and ultimately putting your idea on the back burner because your perfectionist brain won’t let you share something with the world that doesn’t feel juuuuuuust right.

The “sales page template” that promised you results but ended up lookin’ a hot mess (and performing even worse).

Dedicating hours to the DIY design approach, resulting in a sales page you hate and a stress migraine that won’t quit.

Launching sans sales page, to an incredibly confused and lukewarm audience (ever lost money on a launch??? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there.)

“Borrowing” inspo from your favorite creator, only to end up with a sales page that looks more modge-podged together than your kid’s science project.

Chances are, you’ve landed here because you’ve already tried it all:

And even if you *could* magically uncover 8 extra hours to plan, design, and develop your strategic sales page… where would you even start?!?

You’re busy. Too busy to balance client work, launch planning, and sales page design.

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Get a custom-designed sales page that provides a white glove experience to your future clients. In just one day.

A high-quality, completely custom Showit sales page that signals to your audience just how much of an expert and authority you are.

Confidence, knowing that the offer you’ve worked your booty off to create is being showcased exactly how you pictured.

Ideal clients that are practically busting down the door to work with you.

The ability to charge premium prices for your quality experience.

So instead of riding the struggle bus all the way to the end of your next launch (and not seeing the results that you so deeply desire… yet again), why not take a new approach to selling? One that helps you launch on your own terms with…

That's okay...because it's mine!

You’re good at what you do, but strategic sales page design is not your zone of genius! 

At the end of the day, you need a great sales page to make money. Period.

Six-figure launches (that continue to generate a six-figure salary for my client to this day).

The ability to launch with confidence and peace of mind (as opposed to the stressful launch trainwreck you’re used to).

Clients finding your offer through a quick and easy Google search (hello, SEO!)

Sustained success and ease that won’t fizzle out over time.

Falling even more in love with your business, your brand, your clients, and your offer.

I won’t lie… My work is a beaut. But it’s also highly strategic and sales-focused, highlighting exactly what your target clients need to see in order to make your offer an easy and immediate “heck yes!” decision, and give you results like…

‘Cuz you know everything is bigger and better here.

Texas-sized results require Texas-sized strategies.

D-Commerce academy

Christina Scalera

co-host + media mogul

Natalie Cargile

Ziglar Realty

Heather Prichard

D-Commerce academy

Christina Scalera

We were able to quickly get our new sales page up and selling and it's brought in thousands already this year-- a lot more than sitting and waiting for something to happen, that's for sure!

co-Host + Media mogul

Natalie Cargile

Girl you are amazing! I am blown away. I cannot express enough how fantastic everything is. I’m OBSESSED with my brand for the first time ever!

ziglar Realty

Heather Prichard

She always has a vision for what I’m wanting, She is creative, professional, patient, quick, and communicates with me on all projects until it’s completed. Christy has a serving spirit that makes her so amazing to work with.


FYI, “done in a day” does NOT mean “cutting corners.” Far from it! Having a day dedicated to your business means that I can hunker down and focus all of my energy on you, and create a conversion-optimized, expertly designed sales page for your offer. Think of me as your sales page superhero–crafting killer sales pages at lightning speed.

Done in a day, so you can start selling that brilliant offer you dreamed up in the shower–practically overnight!

You have 24 hours after your VIP Day to make tweaks and revisions, so that we can make sure everything is perfect before you share your sales page with the world! During this time, I’ll help you implement your new page on your Showit site, and make sure everything is functional and looking amazing! After that, you’re ready to launch. Yup, it really is that easy


We meet on the morning of your VIP Day to discuss the details, and then I get to work! With my head down, spending the day designing your sales page, I’m able to tune out the noise and focus on your offer, your customers, and you. I’ll make magic happen and by the end of the day, you’ll have a strategic, stunning sales page that you’ll be excited to show off.


Before we can jump into the fun stuff (AKA designing the most beautiful, functional sales page you’ve ever seen), we start with strategy. This includes helping you write your sales copy, select images, and even craft the messaging around your offer to be irresistible to your target audience. Even if you’re new to launching and selling through sales pages, you’ll be given all the resources you need to succeed.


Here’s how your business’ favorite day plays out:

SEO that helps your clients find you.

Strategically placed headlines and pain points that lead potential customers to think “Heck yes! Sign me up ASAP!

Calls to action that actually get people moving.

Payment buttons that stand out and aren’t misleading or confusing.

Eye-catching imagery in all the right places.

…and, most importantly, money in the bank.

Because, without an expert doing the hard work for you, you’re missing out on…

And when you’ve poured all of your passion, expertise, and time into your latest offer, why even take that chance?

When you cut corners with your sales page, you risk throwing your entire launch off course.

In my 13+ years of being a designer and entrepreneur, I’ve seen it all (the good, the bad, and the mediocre). This, plus having my cowgirl boots on the ground in countless businesses, has taught me exactly what it takes to strategize and design a sales page that actually sells.

When I say I’m passionate about helping women craft brands and build offers that sell like hotcakes, I’m not just talking about your everyday passion—it's an all-consuming, burning desire. That’s exactly why I built this VIP Day–to take my love for lining the pockets of ambitious women to a whole new level.

From eye-catching visuals to a seamless user experience, I strive to ensure that your sales page doesn’t just look pretty–it compels your audience to click that “buy now” button.

By the way, I'm Christy Jo

A down-south gal with a Texas-sized love for helping you harness your expertise and use it to make money, honey.

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Only $1997

design my sales page

Because when inspiration strikes for your remarkable new offer, you shouldn’t have to wait weeks or months to reap the profits.

Just one day to a beautifully designed, high-conversion sales page that drives revenue.

Have a

Have a Question?

If you've got more questions contact me here.

Prior to your VIP Day, you’ll need to have your offer mapped out and developed, plus brand photos and sales page copywriting. If you need offer strategy before your VIP Day, I recommend booking a Spark Intensive, which is a 90-minute strategy session for developing an offer that your audience will love. As for your copy and photos, I provide resources before your VIP Day to help you have both ready to rock and roll.

I design in Showit, which is a user-friendly, drag-and-drop website builder that’s easy for my clients to maintain on their own after their sales page has launched.

Following your VIP Day, you will have 24 hours for revisions and tweaks. During this time, I will transfer the design over to your Showit account and provide you with all the resources you need to launch your sales page. After that, you’re always free to connect with me if you have any follow up questions, I promise I’ll never leave you hanging.

Yep! If you don’t have any revisions or tweaks for your sales page, you’ll be able to launch by the end of the day if you want to!