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Welcome to 2023...

where you don't have to be busier to make more money!

it's time you got serious about your future!

You are overbooked, overworked, and OVER trading time for money!

Hustle culture has been cancelled!

Don’t get me wrong, there is a time where you might need to hustle and you’re a hard worker but hustling 24/7 to the point of exhaustion and missing out on life, pretty sure that’s not what God put you in the world for.

 “Go this way           ”

But you do have a purpose, you’re just missing some clarity and trying to find a big sign that says

What if I told you the only way to increase your bottom line wasn’t more feet in the door, asses in the seats, or appts on the calendar?

AND - you get to fulfill your purpose?

Whether you realize it or not the world NEEDS your expertise!

A 90 day 1:1 coaching experience created to help you, the successful business owner build a PROFITABLE PERSONAL BRAND that makes you money and allows you to fulfill your purpose.


I'm ready to apply!

Over the course of 3 months, I’ll be your partner as we figure out exactly what you need to know so that you can take the knowledge and expertise you’ve acquired over the years and turn that into a passive, professional stream of income.

One that requires much LESS of you than your current business does.

You get:

3 Months 1:1 Coaching
3 - 60 min calls per month
Voxer Access Mon - fri
Access to my Resource Library

Here's the problem...

On the outside it might look like you have the dream business but to make more, you’ve got to work more!

No one sees the late nights, returned or damaged products, sore feet from being on them all day, or the time you miss from your family.

It does require some upfront work but it is a heck of a lot less complicated than the things you’ve been dealing with..

Not to mention - alot more time freedom.

I’ll be honest, selling online isn’t all rainbows and unicorns all the time.

I know…other programs promise to help you work smarter, not hard but I really mean it.

They sell a work from the beach type lifestyle and there’s nothing wrong with that, but I know most of them hustled their ass off to get there.

It won’t just happen overnight….and I don’t know about you but when I’m at the beach…I don’t want to be working.

Let’s be honest…if you knew how to bundle up your expertise and put it into a killer offer and build a personal brand...

not to mention the thought of all that sand in my laptop gives me anxiety!

you'd have already done it!

Lori. C

Christy Jo is “real”. She is honest and will tell you sometimes what you don’t want to hear but she knows how to take a business forward. I love that she even becomes a true friend along with being an amazing mentor/coach.

Sunny M.

Our business has continued to steadily grow over the past 4 years with the help of Christy! She’s given me so much useful information, and I know my growth would not be possible without her!

The thing that holds you back the most is that knowledge on how to do it - successfully!

The good news is - that’s my area of expertise!

It can be hard to know the right offer(s), where and how to sell them, and put everything together.

I’ll give you 100% of my attention so that we can have you up and running by the end of our 90 days together.

You know if you’re ready to start building your personal brand or not (and ready to have more time do to the things you love).

With 1:1 there is not ‘figuring it out on your own’ because I’m allin on YOUR purpose!

If you’re ready to step into the next chapter of your business (and life too, really) Apply online to see if we’re a good fit.


Apply Here

$997 mo or $2797 paid in full

How it works:

Step 1 > Fill out the form below and apply (and book a call, if you’d like)

Step 2 > If you’re a good fit I’ll email over a welcome package and payment links

Step 3 > We schedule your weekly calls and get started

I can't wait to help you build a successful online business and personal brand.

I've been a brand and website designer since 2010 and business coach/course creator since 2015. 

It's my passion to help women pursue their passion and build a successful online business.

Gone from 5 to 6 figures monthly!

Landed on the 1st page of google in a very crowded space.

Built a 6 figure membership site

Gone from booked up to 6 figure passive income

And, YOU can do the same thing!

my customers have...

Hey there!

I'm christy jo lightfoot