Heck Yes I am!

Are you ready to stop trading your hours for dollars?


You’ve had that feeling for a while that you really want to package up what you know and sell it as a digital offer but, you aren't even sure where to get started. 

Your talent and expertise comes easily to you and others ask for your advice.

Taking your genius and putting it into a pretty little offer is one thing.

Putting it into a package that brings in money even when you're not working...

Pinch Me!

I know it might sound like a dream but, it’s not!

I want to give you everything you need to ditch the stress and create your passive product in the next few days!

that’s my expertise!

But, hello!

I get it! It can be so hard to come up with the right offer, let alone know where to sell it, how to put it together, and how the heck to price it.

Ughhh...the stress.

Even if you were to try and create your own Magnetic Offer...where would you even start?

Right now...you're struggling to grow your business without growing your to-do list!

Take that nap you've been wanting to take while still making income!

Stand out as an expert to your audience (or build one).

Bring in more income without being tied to your laptop.

With the right offer you can:

Create your first irresistible, magnetic digital offer and attract customers on autopilot.

Introducing Magnetic Offers!

Join the

8 Video Lessons - that give you an easy-to-follow, step-by-step roadmap for creating an irresistible digital product that your clients can't WAIT to buy. (Total Value $1376)

Worksheets, pdfs, and swipe files - to make it easy to implement! (Total value $332)

3 FREE Bonuses to help you name your offer, renew dead offers, and create an offer suite. (Valued at $97 each)

Don’t let this mini offer fool you though, it’s filled with massive value without all the fluff!

What's included:

Here's what is included in Magnetic Offers!

Total Value $1999

Others are charging hundreds and even thousands for this same offer!

But, that's not all! I've also included:

You also get a no-experience necessary list of Tech that you can use depending on the type of offer you create, as well as specific tutorials for the exact systems I use.

If you've created a course in the past that launched to crickets, I'll teach you how to renew that offer and make it Magnetic!

Create a must have offer suite that makes it incredibly easy to turn first-time customers into repeat buyers.

Name your offer so that it's a no-brainer offer to your audience, while telling them exactly what it is (but, without leaving them confused).

Here's a look at the bonuses you'll receive:

No wasting time googling 'all the things'!

 Lori C.

"You are incredibly amazing in helping businesses go from zero profit and no email list to skyrocketing, money-making results."

You can reuse this process over and over again to create insanely profitable offers.

The best part about Magnetic Offers...

You can even have an entire product suite created by using the exact, easy-to-follow steps I share with you inside Magnetic Offers!

Are you ready to finally get a slice of that passive income pie?

Did you know?

Online courses are a $46 Billion dollar industry and it’s expected to reach $325 billion by 2025. 

Guess what...they want to PAY you for that knowledge.

make healthier meals at home

workout in under 30 minutes

get their baby to sleep through the night

potty train their dog quickly + easily

start their own boutique

organize their home

and even how to {insert your amazing expertise here}!

Right now there are people trying to learn how to: 

They've got busy lives too - they don't want to hire someone 1:1 to learn these things!

My mission is to help business owners, just like yourself, build a successful and profitable online business without a huge audience or hustling 24/7!

I’ve spent 10 years building my own Unicorn dream business and I’ve learned a lot. I want to share my wins + mistakes with you.

Best of all? I now get to help women build and market their dream businesses.

I've packaged it all up into Magnetic Offers so that I can help you create more time, while bringing you more money!

Hey y'all!

I'm Christy Jo Lightfoot

You are currently trading dollars for hours but, struggling to bring in more money (because, hello...that takes even more hours)

You’ve felt a pull to create an online offer so that you can share your expertise with the world

You have been trying to find a way to easily bring in passive income and make more money during this crazy times.

You want to help more people learn what you do without the headache of constant 1:1 time.

You have already attempted to create digital offers but, they aren’t currently selling very well.

If any of these are true...

then this is for you!


"Thank you so much for everything you've done. My business would NOT be where it is without you."


What if I don't have a huge audience yet?

That’s okay! I will help you attract the right customers and sell your irresistible digital offer. I'll even help you sell to your small audience, if you have one.

What if I've never created a digital offer?

I wish I would have known then what I know now! Magnetic Offers is perfect for you because you can start off on the right track plus, I'll walk you through every step. You also have my Resource tutorials as well.

What if I don't know what my offer would be yet?

Inside of Magnetic Offers, I walk you through crafting the right offer as the very first step. You'll be able to know what your audience wants within the first few days of signing up.

Join the waiting list for our new and improved course launch!

Are you ready to say goodbye to trading dollars for hours and start bringing in passive income with a digital offer?

If you are not satisfied with Magnetic Offers we will gladly refund your money within 7 days of purchase.