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Building a list seems daunting, but with the benefits of having a continuously growing email list these days you can't afford not to have one!

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That's what I'll teach you to do inside LYL!

Wouldn't it be great to make money every time you hit send?

An email list is yours! It's not like Facebook or Instagram. While you may be running your business on those platforms, if they disappeared tomorrow would you panic?
As we say in the South... a lot of you'd be up the creek without a paddle.  That doesn't sound too fun. While it might be frustrating, those with a list wouldn't panic. They'd simply send out an email update inviting them to join another platform with a simple click of a button.

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Imagine what it will be like to:

Know that your opt-in is set up to attract customers.

Have an easy strategy that doesn't take up too much of your time. 

Attract customers to your email list easily + consistently.

Make money every time you hit send. Heck, yes!

Easily set up everything or make changes to your current set up using our step by step tutorials. 

You'll learn how to do all of this inside love your list!

Growing an email list that makes you money isn't that hard and I can show you how TO DO IT!

Did you know that expected ROI (return on investment) is $42 for every $1 you spend on email marketing? That's HUGE! The best part is that if you're doing it the right way you don't have to spend money to grow your list other than what it costs to have an email marketing platform (such as ConvertKit or Mailchimp)

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the course that will change your list forever!

Plus, bonus tools and tutorials!

Module 1 you'll learn all about the optin offer. This is the first pieces that attracts customers to your list. Done right, you'll have consistent list growth!


Module 2 will cover all the places that your optin needs to be as well as how to promote it across all of your channels.


Module 3 will dive into sending emails. From automatic emails on the backend of your optins to setting up an email schedule that's quick and easy.


Module 4 we'll take everything you learned and put it together. Plus, I'll teach you one of my best tricks for getting a quick influx of sign ups. 


Love your list is a self-study course with 4 teaching modules that are easy to follow and straightforward.

You'll also receive bonus trainings + worksheets that include a full Converkit tutorial, links to mailchimp knowledge base tutorials, and website set up (Shopify, Wordpress, and ShowIt all included)!

This is a self-study course!


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Hey there, I know what it's like to be overwhelmed when it comes to marketing. When I started my first business almost 10 years ago I thought email lists weren't that important. As I grew my business I learned it was one of the most important assets I could have.

My list has easily helped me transition from being a designer to helping women build their dream businesses. I'm here to help you do that same thing...successfully!

Meet the creator!

I'm here to help you LOVE you list!

xo, Christy Jo

Kerry P.

Christy is so full of knowledge! I love that she is willing to share her opinion in such a positive and constructive way.

Sunny Moore

Our business has continued to steadily grow over the past 4 years with the help of Christy! She’s given me so much useful information, and I know my growth would not be possible without her!

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I already have a list will this help me at all?

Absolutely! If you have a list but don't see consistent growth, this is for you! Especially if you have 'join my newsletter' on your homepage! 

What if I don't have my website set up?

If you don't have a website and are relying solely on social channels that you don't own to sell and grow your audience, you absolutely need a list.

What if I have questions since this is self-study?

I'm always right on the other side of an email! Send me an email and I can help you out. I'll even add a quick training to the course if you feel it's missing! I want you to be successful!

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