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stop dreaming about selling your genius and start profiting from it now!

Build a profitable online business!

I teach women how to

Are you ready to create a course but, you aren't quite sure where to start? My roadmap will give you the step by step process that I use to create each of my courses!

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I help women build a business they love using my Texas-sized marketing and success strategies!

It's time to take your personal brand to the next level and start attracting the right clients. So you can successfully share your purpose + passion.

I'll help you clarify your offers, reach your goals, hit new profits, and market your business in a way that helps you grow with ease so that you can have a business you love.

sales + success strategist

I'm Christy Jo Lightfoot

Hey, y'all!

Hey, y'all!

If you're ready to share your genius and make more passive income, you're in the right place.



Ready to create, attract, and profit... let's chat!

You're struggling to create the right offers.

You're not attracting the right audience.

You're not makin' the profit you know you're meant to.

You're sales page isn't selling!

It's time for a breakthrough...and I can help!

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