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Shop in a Box is launching July 2022.

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Christy Jo Lightfoot

Brand + Sales Strategist

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Shop in a Box

A successful online business that stands out, brings in income, and converts visitors takes more than throwing up some products and hoping they come!

diy your website without looking like you diy'd your website! 

A course for those on Shopify that launches July 2022!

Whoever said "Build it and they will come" must have been making chocolate fountains...not building E-Commerce shops on Shopify.

In this course you'll learn:

The basics of proper Shopify set up

The best way to set up products, categories, and how to tag

Shopify SEO

Setting up menus that are easy for your customers to navigate

Shopify theme overview
How to layout your site to convert visitors (more conversions and sales)

Non-designers guide to designing

BONUS: 5 premade theme sets for Canva, ready to edit and go!

Here's the problem...

If you want to build a successful online shop you've got to have a website that does it's job.

You need more than just a Facebook group these days to attract customers that aren't just friends of friends!!


words like SEO, Home Page layout strategy, opt-ins, readability, website accessibility, + alt tags have you ready to call it quits.

In 2022 these things are more important than ever!

And that's on top of learning how things like products, pages, collections, and the settings all work.

Not to mention we can't rely on social media channels we don't own!

You probably already know this…but hiring a professional isn’t cheap!

Especially in the beginning when you’re still trying to figure out how all of this E-Commerce biz stuff works.

Not to mention Website Design isn’t your specialty.

No worries though babe…that’s my specialty.

Plus, if you don't have a privacy policy Google might skip right over you. You've got to know these things.

That's exactly why i created SIb!

Can you imagine having a gorgeous website that does more than just look pretty?

converts buyers
shows up on search engines
easy to design
brings in more income
easy to navigate
+ more!


Madison B.

I think you did absolutely amazing and I couldn’t have asked for better. I’m so excited to share this.
I feel like I have a brand and a business after I worked with Christy. Before I just had a Facebook group.

Ashley A.

I love the passion Christy Jo brings to business, and to branding! She is professional, thoughtful and has great attention to detail. She helped us fall in love with the story our brand gets to tell.

Here's exactly what you get

inside of SIB

Module 1

Module 2

Module 3

Module 4

Module 5

Module 6

Why Choose Shopify

Whether you’re just getting started or already using the platform I’ll go over the important features that Shopify includes for E-commerce and Digital Commerce customers. For those that don't have a website, I'll also discuss why it's important in this day and age.

Shopify Basics

From getting your domain (and why that’s important) to the complete overview of Shopify so that you know where everything is and can get familiar with the layout/terms. We'll also go over the Shopify Plans for those new members.

Setting up Shopify

Before we start designing your store, we’ll get started setting everything up from taxes + shipping to collections +pages. This module is broken down into bite-sized lessons so that you can easily go back and find what you need when you need it.

Brand + Website Strategy

Everything you need to know about your branding, what to do if you don’t have a brand, and an overview of website strategy.
If you don't have a brand or want to rebrand this module is going to really help you DIY your brand like a Pro!

Design Like a Pro

The fun part! It's now time to design your website. We'll head into the Theme Customizer. Not only will I show you where everything is and how to make sure you never mess up your website but, I'll teach you how to set your website up like a Pro.

Shopify Must-Haves

All the things I didn't have to include but did! These lessons cover so much from Apps, Wholesale, Digital Downloads, Important pages you need, SEO, Website Accessibility, and more!

each module is broken down into easily digestible lessons!

Don't forget about the bonuses!

Want to really amp up your sales and grow you customer base - Email Marketing! With social media so dependant on algorithms these days, Email Marketing can be a great source for more profits.

I've created 5 preamde website template sets to use with the Theme I've suggested. I'll show you how to edit them and use them on your website.

Canva Tutorial for those that have never used it or aren't sure how to best use it for Website Images and a short tutorial on where to find the best digital graphics.

I can't wait to help you build a successful online shop that brings in more profits.

I've been a web and graphic designer for well over 10 years. I've been building e-commerce shops since before Shopify was even popular!

It's my passion to help women pursue their passion and build a successful online business.

Gone from 5 to 6 figures monthly!

Landed on the 1st page of google in a very crowded space.

Received most of their wholesale applications from google search (as opposed to social media and the Boutique Hub).

Quickly + strategically grown their email list from their website optin to over 10K.

And, YOU can do the same thing!

my customers have...

Hey there!

I'm christy jo lightfoot!

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